Alas, poor Kobo, I knew him Sony

It’s no secret how much I love gadgets and in particular how much I loved my Kobo. Yes, loved, past tense.  And, I have to admit, it will take something of a miracle for me to revive the love affair in question. I simply no longer trust Kobo. Let’s start at the beginning.

Way back in January of 2011, I bought a Kobo-I and my love of e-readers was instant. I loved the convenience, I loved the ease, I loved that I could carry hundreds of books in my handbag. See – I’m really quite easy to please. Just tell me I can carry the entire works of Stephen King in my purse without it weighing a ton and I am a happy girl indeed.

Sadly, a couple of months after purchase, my beloved toy died. There was no warning, no dropping on the floor, no splashing with water. It simply died. A quick call to Whitcoulls and they were very happy to exchange it for a new one. When I arrived at the store unfortunately there were no Kobo I available but they were more than happy to upgrade me to the new Kobo Wi-Fi. Done deal and home I went, a very happy girl geek.

Since then my Kobo has gone everywhere with me in my bag – and since I began reviewing books for another blog, has proved invaluable. Even when I added the Kindle app to my iPhone and desktop, my loyalty to Kobo remained strong.  By now,  my daughter had discovered the joys of e-books and we were in the midst of debating whether or not to get the Harry Potter series when it happened.

Kobo died. Again, no warning. Again, no dropping, drowning or other trauma. It simply froze and it didn’t matter what you did the screen did not shift from the cover of Jane Eyre. Desperate I let the battery drain and recharged it. No change. I googled and found it was not an uncommon problem with Kobo – news that did not fill me with joy. There was I decided to other option but to do a factory reset.

After finally finding a pin – I prefer blogging to sewing – I inserted it in the hole, felt the button deploy and held my breath. Jane Eyre disappeared from the screen. Following instructions, I held the on/off button down for 10 seconds, then again for five. Jane did not come back. Neither did anything else.

Wait that’s not true. A black band did appear in the top few centimetres of the unit. This was Not A Good Thing….

All that would appear on the screen was a partial band of black.

A panicked message on Whitcoulls Facebook resulted in a call from the lovely Rochelle who tried very hard to help. Was it a new unit? Well no. Had I tried turning off and on? Well yes.  There was soemthing else I could try, she suggested. I could try to reformat the unit. If I wanted to try, she would send me the instructions. Since I had nothing to lose, the instructions were duly dispatched.

First, plug Kobo into your computer with USB cable. Did that – everything went downhill from there…

Now navigate to the Kobo via My Computer and right mouse. There are instructions on what to do next but they are immaterial in my case – as the computer could not see the Kobo. The battery charging light was lit up on the Kobo itself so it was ‘working’ – it just wasn’t working.

Then  I had a brainwave – I would plug it into my son’s laptop. Maybe the issue was my laptop. Holding my breath, I plugged in the USB cable….and…..nada…..nothing….zip….not a thing.

I emailed Rochelle and broke the news to her. She duly replied the next day, sincerely sorry but unable to do anything further. They could/would not do anything further – all she could do was recommend a Kobo Touch, currently $169.

Obviously I need to get a new reader but I am really reluctant to get a third Kobo – so I think, although I find them less intuitive than the Kobo , I’ll probably get a Sony E-Reader as they also take .epub files meaning I won’t lose all my books at least.

Sniffle – goodbye dear Kobo. It’s been nice knowing you.


One thought on “Alas, poor Kobo, I knew him Sony

  1. Like you, i fall in love with my kobo, but yesterday it suddenly froze, then died after a factory reset. Short life for my kobo : only one and half year. And i don’t think like you that my next ereader will be a kobo, maybe a pocket book…

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