iPhone, iPad, iLove – and an experiment

iPhones, NZ GirlGeek

I have had an iPhone for over a year now and an iPad 2 for about six months. And I have to say, much to my surprise, I am a convert. Not in the evangelical, oh hail Apple, kind of way, but in the ‘oh wow, why did nobody tell me these things would make my life so much easier and be so much fun before this?’


I admit it – I hardly ever use my phone as a phone. In fact I have probably used it less than once a month on average since I got it. However as a computer I use it all day, every day. and no I am not exaggerating. I check my social media networks ( hey, don’t judge, it’s my job ), I email, I surf the net, I take photos, I check my bank account, I pay the bills, and I keep in touch with my family. I can even check my blogs – update them, moderate comments, look at the statistics. That’s just the beginning. In fact it would be no exaggeration to say that that teeny, tiny piece of metal, glass and chips holds most of the details of my life.  If I lose it, I will be in the proverbial brown sticky stuff.


iPad, NZ Girl Geek


As for the iPhone’s big sister, the iPad – that was a case of love at first sight. I have an iPad 2 and am lusting (quite

literally) after an iPad-mini. Small enough to carry in my hand bag – yeah, baby now we’re talking. It would be quicker to list the things I don’t do with the iPad than the things I do.



I blog, I socialise, I write, I read and research, I check email, I watch movies, I listen to music, I play games. It is the ultimate combo of work and play for me.

Android et al

Yes, I do realise there are many Android devices out there just as powerful. In fact I profess I am fond of the Samsung Galaxy SIII.  And I think it’s a far more attractive phone than the iPhone, but it’s not enough of a selling point to tip the balance in Samsung’s favour, I’m afraid.

The biggest thing in favour of the iPhone stable, for me, is the variety of apps. Like it or not, there are simply more of the types of apps I like to use for both work and play. There are very few companies without an iStore app. Most of my network are on iPhones/Pads, so it’s easier to connect with them as well.

I love my iToys so much I’m considering adding an Apple MacBook Air to go with them. I never thought I would be disloyal to the Sony Vaio but ….. it’s under serious consideration at the moment. MacBook Air NZ Girl Geek

All of which is why I am relaunching this blog by taking a look over the next few weeks at some of the great sites, apps, tips and tricks I’ve uncovered for the iPhone and iPad. And I’m going to post those blogs, using the devices, apps, tips and tricks in question. So, stay tuned.

What is your favourite mobile device? Are you a true, blue Apple fan or are you sold on Android?




4 thoughts on “iPhone, iPad, iLove – and an experiment

  1. Hi Angelique. Its amazing how fast our iPhones become a key component of our daily lives. Yes, losing it would be tragic. Even more devastating would be if you don’t password protect your iTools and someone finds them. Your life could instantly be hijacked. It may be a pain but be sure to password protect everything for your safety. Nice blog. I really enjoy it. ~Karen

    • Hi Karen, yup I am paranoids about passwords. I have everything locked down do tight it may actually be as problematic as not protecting lol. I have an upcoming post on Last Pass which saves me from lock out regularly 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by, Angelique

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