Yes I’ll admit it – I am a Girl-Geek. Now before everybody bombards me with emails about the use of the word geek, don’t. Ok? Just leave the PC nonsense at the door and accept my geekiness – we’ll both be happier for it, trust me on this.

I am a  freelance writer living in Beachlands, New Zealand with a man, three children, a lot of geeky toys ( for more on the types of toys go here), a rather large assortment of pets, and an excessive number of Springsteen albums.

I have written for a variety of publications including Business to Business, Rural Living, Pet Magazine, Her Business and Pink to name a few.

I’m not a techie and I’m not a developer – I’m a consumer.  While I’m interested in the mechanics and the gigabytes and the whirring and clicking, I’m far more interested in whether the gadget in question does what I need it to do, when I need it to do it.

You are welcome to touch base with me in any of the following ways:

NZ Girl Geek on FaceBook

Angel on Twitter

Angel on Linked In

Email: angelique@undergroundmainstream.com

You can also find me on a variety of other sites:

Underground Mainstream

Angelique Jurd – Writer



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