Product Reviews

There are a lot of really awesome gadgets out there – for every part of life –  and more are showing up every day.

Deciding which one  to buy can be a tough choice, however. After all,they all say they’re the best – and half of your friends like one, half like another and half like…wait…no that doesn’t work…but you know what I mean.

How do you know which ones are good, and which are going to make life harder not easier? What are the hidden gems, and what should you avoid?


If you have a gadget you would like me to review on NZ Girl Geek, then please contact me on  for further information.

Disclaimer: the Product Review page is intended as a service to readers. This means that every review will be my honest opinion. There are NO PAID OR SPONSORED POSTS. Please don’t offer to “buy” a review on this site, because I’ll just say no. I do accept products to review, but please understand: if it doesn’t work, or it drives me dotty, then I’m going to say that. I’ll be diplomatic, but I’ll tell the truth.

If you are looking for someone to review the very technical aspects of your products there are some amazing tech bloggers out there, Ben.geek and Juha Saarinen for a start.  While I understand the technical side of products, I am more interested in how a product works from a consumer perspective – and the consumer I represent is female.

If you are interested in having me take a look at your product, or if you would like to advertise on this site,  then please  contact me on!


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