Guest Blog: Rachel Rayner

Not the Biggest Geek I used to think I was a girl geek. Personally, my love of science fiction novels alone is usually enough to set me out from the rest of the pack. Professionally, I was the person to ask if one wanted to make a table in HTML. But not anymore. Oh no. … Continue reading

Becoming a digital nation

by Angelique Jurd According to Pam Martin from Positive Connexions and author of ‘Beneath The Knowledge Wave’, our productivity is leaking out through the holes in our computer skills. “Technology is a wonderful tool but it is just a waste of space if we don’t know how to use it,” Pam says. “Ultra fast broadband … Continue reading

Girl Geek: Kelly Woodall

Kelly Woodall is the practice  manager extraordinaire for IT support company, Zero Down.  For more than four years, Kelly has taken care of  the accounts, scheduling, keeping the quoting and ordering under control, she is an essential member of the North Shore based company and is passionate about customer service . Kelly  is also a … Continue reading